Sunday, October 9, 2011

Tick-Tock Goes the Clock...

...'Til River kills the Doctor.

(I have a video for this, so visit Eighth Graders Anonymous.)

Oh my, I am way late, but did you see the last two "Doctor Who" episodes?! "The Wedding of River Song" was epic!

I love everything about that show. The music, the monsters, the companions, the Doctor. Oh, the Doctor. I love the way he turns around with that mischievious smile that tells you something amazing is about to happen, the way you know he won't die, how he is when he's angry, his British accent... You get the point by now.

Well, in the latest episode he was supposed to die... For real, this time. I was terrified because he really died and they were all like "No" and I was all like crying on the couch, but then River revealed the secret she saw in the twinkle of his eye: The Doctor is not dead!!! I knew my prayer paid off:

"Dear Jesus, if it is Your will, let the Doctor live. I love Matt Smith... He can't die or I will not watch that show EVER AGAIN."

The thing about "Doctor Who" is that I will never be good enough at writing to make a series so successful. "Harry Potter" and "Twilight" don't cone close to the Doctor, either.

I'm hooked. I'm Hope, and I'm a BBC American... FOREVER!

I can't wait for Christmas, when the show returns!

However, one question was left unanswered. The Doctor is alive, but...

Who is the Doctor? Doctor... Who???

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