Monday, October 17, 2011

These Are the Words That I HATE!

The words I hate:
  1. Critique
  2. Specify (ew! Specify!)
  3. Graphs
  4. Linear (like linear relationships)
  5. Annotation
  6. Evidence
Yeah. There are a few words that I really, really hate. And they are ALL school related. Yes, I said all. Give me a minute to explain.

That word just scares me! My art teacher says that word all the time and she uses these hats for what part of the brain you should be using or something like that. Those hats scare me because I always forget what hat stands for what and it's juse one big mess. But anyway, that word "Critique". It sends shivers down my spine. I'm quite a critic, myself, though. Here's something that happened over the summer:

*In Phoenix, Nathan E. does a 'flip' into the deep end of the hotel's swimming pool--- the hotel that Relient K checked into the day after we left! Aw, the sad memory is coming back...*

HOPE: That was a really ugly front tuck, Nathan.
NATHAN: What was wrong with it?
HOPE: You didn't point your toes. AND, your body form was just plain sloppy. PLUS, you can't just flop your arms around, they have to hug your knees. (Is it obvious that I competed in gymnastics?)
*Nathan tries again.*
HOPE: That was great!
*He kinda smiled.*
HOPE: However, you forgot to point your toes.
*He frowned, but kinda laughed, too.*
NATHAN: YOU'RE A CRITIC!!! I'm not a gymnast, Hope! If it's so easy, you do it!
NATHAN: CRITIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, I guess I'm a critic??? But anyways, the word critique just scares me. If you went to my school and were in my grade, you would know... you would just know.

That word scares me because if I try to explain something my hardest, and you say I need to specify, that just stresses me out and it makes me so mad, because I'M TRYING MY HARDEST, PEOPLE! LEAVE ME ALONE!!!!! THAT GOES FOR YOU, TOO, VICE-PRINCIPALS AND TEACHERS AND MATH MAGICIANS AND SID THE SCIENCE KID (ever heard of him?)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Graphs can make a grown man cry. This I believe because it can make this young woman cry. And women endure more pain than men ever will for quite obvious reasons. Math kills me. I have noticed a pattern. I have a lot of friends who write novels and poems that hate math. You've seen some of my poems like "Yellow Sun" and "From the 105th Floor" on here. And now you know that I hate math and want nothing to do with it for the rest of my life. In college, I am taking the smallest amount of math possible to get my Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Communication and Creative Writing Master (and maybe I'll take some music courses at North Central University, since Drew's brother went there and had a good experience, I think I might go).

Back to that word. Graphs just make me pull my hair out. Ever wanted to cry, but couldn't because you knew you shouldn't and your eyes were too dry anyway? That's what graphs do to me!

Linear relationships, go on and kill me now.
I don't like linear relationships, because for the most part, they are graphs.

I don't believe in annotating. I just don't. It's stating the obvious when the thing is written right there. WASTE OF TIME, I TELL YA! WASTE OF TIME!

My U.S. History teacher is big on this one. "If you have claim, back it up with evidence," He says. And his wife is my Science teacher, so they both say that a lot. I can't, I just can't, back it up with evidence! I stutter, I can't think up a good word to say (not that I cuss or anything bad), and so evidence scares me. I once wanted to be a lawyer and now I know why that will never work for me.

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  1. Ohmygarsh.TOTALLY! The word 'critique' makes me wanna hurt someone. And if I hear Ms. W-A say "SPECIFIC! BE SPECIFIC! ITS GOTTA BE SPECIFIC!" anymore, I may be forced to drop that class...even though I


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