Tuesday, October 18, 2011

There's a Paralyzing Quiet Like Sirens...

Okay, I am almost a week late, y'all. BUT! I was just so excited and kept forgetting to post about this: I WAS APART OF THE FIRST 100 TO PRE-ORDER DEAS VAIL'S NEW ALBUM!!!!! Which means, I was also a part of the first 100 to purchase the album, period. I think I was the eighty-something person to do so.

Well, school was alright. I got caught talking in science class (I was talking about our homework, though... it wasn't that bad, and I was whispering... kinda loudly, but still, I was whispering). I think I'm gonna fail the math test. Otherwise, today was good. My grades went up. I don't know how I'm surviving in math. I'm living on a prayer in that class (absolutely no pun intended... okay, there was pun intended).

SO! Back to the CD! Here's their entire album for you to listen to. If you haven't been paying attention to the bazillion Deas Vail posts I have written, you should know that you are guaranteed to like their music unless you like that cheap American pop stuff. Deas Vail is an indie rock band, but their genre of rock is a very, very soft rock. Some of their songs are a little pop-ish (ever heard "Growing Pains"?). They have some harder songs, like my favorites: "Surface" and "Life In These Little Boats". But if you love music, you love Deas Vail.

If you've been reading this blog for awhile, here's one word that you're familiar with: "Excuses". You know that I was in the Fine Arts Festival earlier this year. And you know that performing this song, in which I sang harmony, sent my group to Nationals. You know (or did I not tell you?) that we placed second in Ohio. And you know that that song is the reason why I am in love with Deas Vail. So let's get it started!

"Desire", Track 1, is amazing. A little repetitive, yes, (oh no, I'm critiquing it with the black hat! My art teacher is gonna love me!) but great. It was my favorite song on the album for a long time, but then I started exploring the album and my heart went to other songs. But, Laura, the awesome pianist whose autograph I now have (I'll explain in a bit), has a solo in this song! Have her sing more often, guys!
"Sixteen". I was in love with this song when it first came out. Now I hate it because I abused YouTube's replay button.
"Quiet like Sirens"---- one of my favorite Deas Vail songs! As you see, I kinda named this post after it. Deas Vail, you can go on and say, "Oh! That's flattering!" And I'll say, "It's alright, you can't help being awesome, can you?" My only complaint is that the beginning instrumental sounds too similar to "The Right mistakes", another song I love.
I've quoted this song, too, too many times. So I'm not gonna say ANYTHING. Not even gonna mention that I quoted this song in "Autumn is Here". I'm not even gonna say that "summer days are held in a photograph. It's never the same. We can't go back."
"Bad Dreams" reminds me of an old, 1950, ice cream shoppe. Yes, I said ice cream. I was listening to this song on the bus and started dosing off, but to be safe I switched tracks because, well, I didn't want to miss school. This song is great to fall asleep to, but don't get carried away... you don't want to have any bad dreams, do you?

"Wake Up And Sleep" reminds me of Weezer. Am I alone here? Or am I right?

Dearest, this is like, my favorite song on this album! Well, they've got some good songs, so I don't know...

This is probably my favorite song on this album. And is it me, or are the chords in the opening instrumental almost exactly the same as those in "Time" by Hans Zimmer? Either way, both songs are beautiful. I should be able to describe it other way, but the best word I can think of is beautiful. Which, by the way, "beautiful" is such a beautiful word to me. I can't describe it... it's just beautiful. Like the word "love" sends shivers down my spine--- no wonder I bought a shirt that has love's definition on it!

Well, what do you think of Deas Vail's album???? Sweet??? Awesome? Well, if you like those songs, you haven't heard the best of the best Deas Vail songs yet. You just haven't. I was lucky, I received an autographed poster and wristband for being in the first 100 to pre-order the album! And yes, they are legit autographs... I checked.

You have to check out:

And look up "Life in These Little Boats"--- it has a lot of bass in it! You can also check out "Surface" in the blog playlist.

Rock on,


  1. Haha, yeah, you were caught talkin to me. In our defense, it was for a good cause..even though I don't even remember what we were talking about=]
    And sorry for blamin ya..it was instinct. Hehe.
    Anyways, yeah I totally made a blog..Im so proud of myself :D its pretty sucky, both of them actually. well,I gotta do this essay for Mr Lydy's class. See you in the morn<3
    *mwah* xx

  2. I listened to the songs you posted and i think im addicted hope! Thankx for posting thm though=)


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