Friday, October 14, 2011

The Baby of Shame.

Shame. Shame on you. Shame. The baby of shame frowns upon you.

Ha ha, do you like how I made the baby extra large? If you don't like that, babies come in different sizes, you know.


Well, this particular baby has been haunting me, my classmates, and a small amount of teachers for weeks. If you have seen me in this past two weeks, you've seen this baby before. Saying that, you probably jumped when you saw the picture suddenly appear on my blog, the one place you imagined it wouldn't be (or maybe you saw it coming and was just waiting for it to happen).

It starts here.
We had this project for art class, and my message was to pay attention. There's this kid standing in front of a bus that's gonna run her over, and I was looking for screaming faces. There are some funny faces out there, people, you just have to look! So, before you ask or comment or whatever: No, I did not use this photo for the project. But, I did print it out! The creepy thing is I've seen that picture before... I'M NOT KIDDING!

I showed this baby to everyone in my half of the eighth grade because I'm the most popular girl in my half of the grade, Right? (Not really.) So, my bus arrives really early for school everyday and I arrive before most of my friends, except for the ones on my bus which are few because there are several districts at my school. So, I stuck the baby in this kid's cubby, thinking he'd just laugh or something. Next thing I know, I walk by his cubby and some kids from our grade are standing by his cubby, looking at the baby like, "What the heck"! The baby has magical powers: It's out for your locker next! ("If I was out for blood, I'd never get filled up..." {"Out For Blood", Farewell Flight} is the baby of shame's motto!)

Baby marked absent.
It is what it is: The baby was absent from school for two complete days! Or so I thought! I was so scared when I lost it--- "Has anyone seen the Baby of Shame???? I think I lost it! Please, if you took it or know where it is, let me know!" Yeah, I take the Baby of Shame very, very seriously. I'm gonna be an amazing mom of eight kids, that I know. So yeah, I lost the baby and yesterday during math, I thought I left my math book in my cubby, so I asked the teacher if I could go and see if it was in there. My math book wasn't in there and I was mad, so I furiously scanned my cubby to find at the very back, THE BABY OF SHAME! That made my day.

Lost and Found!
An incident that happened awhile ago, the first time I lost it, (what you just read was the second time I lost the baby) I was doing my homework at my computer desk. So I'm just listening to music (you know what band it was) and doing U.S. History work when I look up and see the baby of shame! I'm like "you're creepy!" And the baby's like, "Right back at ya." But yeah. That "Doctor Who" video on "Eighth Graders Anonymous" was playing at the time, and it was CREEEEPPPYYY!!!

"I still find that creepy."
So, I had the baby sitting out in History one day. Our teacher kinda walks around the room while we work, and he came by me and saw the baby. "Who's that???" He asked. He had just returned me a homework paper, so my natural reaction was "Hope Ezell?" which I know is weird. "No, the baby," He said. "OHH," I remembered, "Yeah, that's the Baby of Shame." I kinda giggled and he was just like, "hmmm...".

In art today, I had the baby sitting out. "Who's that?" The teacher asked. "The Baby of Shame", I responded. I explained to her how I got it and she was like, "I still find that creepy."

Wherever you go, it goes with you!
In Health, we got to use Macbooks, and we were Googling stuff. Then this girl started giggling and she was like, "Hope, I just found that baby on Google Images." I saw what she searched and it had NOTHING TO DO WITH THAT BABY! I have no idea how or why the baby showed up, but it was there. It made me laugh... like, seriously.

I hope you liked reaidng about the story behind that baby!

Rock on,


  1. LOL, funny stuff there Hope. I'm surprised you didn't mention all the "singing" in health class. =)

    P.S--STOP losing the Baby of shame! It makes me sad when he's not around scaring people...

  2. baby of shame....... Love it! Cute.. :D


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