Saturday, October 15, 2011

Ghosts in Time

                                Sorry, now is not the time to step into my life.
Now is not the time to give me a second glance,
I'm still searching for meaning in my life,
I'm still in need of a second chance tonight.
I'm traveling slowly, wind pulling me closely
While I'm drowning quickly, water bringing me down.
I've been running far away from You now,
I'm too scared lay it all down,
And here in Your shadow, I'm terrified of Your presence.
I've been running for too long and I don't know where to stop,
My heart is falling from my chest making a loud, gory plop.
What am I now?
A soul? The remains of a soul?
Perhaps I am a ghost, just another ghost in time.
Take my hand and pull me back
Get my life back on track.
I want to see You and I need to believe in You
I need to come alive,
Come on now and awaken me
                                              Before I lose another heartbeat.

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  1. nice I like it hope I need you to email me the homework before seven today, so please hurry


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