Friday, October 21, 2011

Battle of the Covers

I have been playing around on YouTube lately (I'm @Gymnastix1710, and it's no use visiting my channel because I have no videos uploaded.) and found some really cool stuff. I came across some covers that I liked, so, I chose Megan and Liz, CIMORELLI, and Christina Grimmie.

"Price Tag".
^^^THIS^^^ is the first Cimorelli song I heard.
Dude, that baby looks like Dora the Explorer. Not an insult, because I kinda looked like that when I was a baby. Chubby cheeks, almond eyes, chubby body... been there, done that. I'm not Asian, but no one said I had to be.

Christina Grimmie's voice is amazing! She sings pop and that's not my favorite genre by any means, but her voice is awesome! Blog about her or something!
I don't know who is who, but whoever is on guitar: Nice guitar! It's pretty! A fact: These girls are twins whose birthday is the day before mine. Mine is November 22, theirs is obviously the 21st.

Rock on,

P.S. November 22. Keep that date in mind every time you click a post or post a comment, because every time you do that, you are getting me closer and closer to my goal: 13,000 pageviews by my thirteenth brithday! Make this little dreamer's dream come true!

P.P.S. Oh, and does anyone know how to put your own original song on iTunes?


  1. I love price tag.. it's a really good song. I don't really like the original version... I like the covers. yes hope,I'll blog about Christina. Is it ok with you?? And no, I don't now how to get your own song on itunes... I was wondering that too... Love you!

  2. I just searched how to put your own song on itunes (you can search it to) I found this website. it has something about it. I didn't really look into it... I hope it helps!


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