Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Things Me!

Ugh, I have not blogged often AT ALL lately. Darn you, school! Like, seriously. So here's an update on me since I don't have time to write the posts I really wanted to compose.

Well, it was "Friday, Friday" but no one was gettin' down. Not even me. No one felt like it. So what if we got no homework for the weekend? That day still sucked. So, I was in a great mood and was singing "Friday"--- the usual. Just being Hope, or as my close friends at school call me, Raising Hope Not the Pope (and we weren't even aware that there is a show called "Raising Hope" now). I'll let you decide what the worst day is.

  1. Finding out that one of your best friends is leaving the school forever
  2. Your pinky is causing you some serious pain
  3. Your vice-principal yells at everyone and threatens to take stuff out of your cubby (I'll explain the cubby part in a bit)
  4. You almost get hit in the face with a soccer ball (I'm tellin' you--- it was seriously gonna hit me!)
  5. Your P.E. teacher yells at the whole class for excessive loudness
  6. You get a B on a Health paper and get the option to revise it, when you have had to revise Health papers all year and you're getting sick of it
  7. The day you're early to catch the bus, the bus decides to be late
  8. This was all caused because of the assembly at which the vice-principal yelled at everyone
  9. Even your happy, excited, fun advisor is in a bad mood
  10. EVERYONE is in a bad mood
  11. All of the above.
Add all that together and that was my Friday. My pinky was hurting because me and Mister Crow (he goes to my school, in case you're wondering who he is) were playing Ninja, I had my hand facing upward, he's taller than me (and guys, I'm pretty tall) and his hand crashed down on my pinky, the pinky made a loud and gory noise, and now I've got it in tape and bobby pins. I don't know how many times he apologized, and I don't want to rub it in his face that he killed my pinky!

I don't know why the vice-principal yelled at us. She said we were irresponsible or something and that we needed to be more organized. So, we have cubbys (it would help if you wouldn't laugh at that) instead of lockers and she said that if there's stuff hanging out, she'll take it. So after the assembly I ran like Forrest Gump to my cubby--- I had sweatpants hanging out of it! Yeah. It's stressful being at a school like that. Our school's Science Olympiad team placed 9th in either the nation or state, I don't remember. And we're the second place STEM school in our state. Our stereotype: The "smart" school.

So yeah. Friday sucked. In Gym class (sixth period), I was really bummed--- everyone was. Some kids were having fun, though, so I thought it was just me. "Today sucks," I said. "I KNOW!" A whole bunch of kids agreed.

Music, be my escape.
Well, I added some songs to the blog playlist (and finally got rid of the 9/11 one). I'm learning three songs on guitar--- success! "Lovers In Japan" and "Strawberry Swing" (both by Coldplay) and "Size Matters" (Joe Nichols). I'm still not on my Youth group's worship team, but I will be... soon. Once the schedule lightens up. Also, I am currently writing a song--- the first one I've actually liked! Way to go, Hope!

Some ideas have popped in my mind lately. Like that horror story I had in mind, "Fourteen"? I'm gonna start working on it when I'm fourteen and will have it published before I turn fifteen.

"Unspoken" is almost finished! At first I was like, "I suck at this. This story is going nowhere." Now I'm like, "Whoa, girl! You underestimated yourself badly!" I've definitely grown up since the "Drama Queen" series and "The Perfect Race".

"On Death's Edge" is getting started. Yay. This is gonna be one sweet novel that blurs the lines between reality and fantasy--- it uses fantasy for Harley (main character) to challenge herself and realize how she's living in reality.

And that song I'm writing. I can't wait to add in some guitar chords, piano melodies, and bass. It's gonna rock when it's done!
Yeah. That's me.

Rock on,

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