Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hello: Notice I Capitalized!!!

After all this blogging, I decided to take a break to just say hello. It's been a long week, hasn't it? Yes it has. Now, I want you to read my short little lecture.

I've noticed lately on Facebook, and even on small sites like AIM and Twitter, that NO ONE has capitalized, like, ANYTHING. And I questioned those people on why, and trust me, it's sickening and lazy.

I don't like to lecture people in person because it makes me mad every time and then I end up pulling my hair out or something like that. So I like typing better, because I know no one can cut me off or interrupt me, and that also means you have to hear the whole thing.

Okay, yes, I am using Becca Hoskins as an example. She and many others, including Kayla, Katie, and ESPECIALLY Maria say that capitalizing takes too much time. This is just my opinion, but if that's the reason they don't capitalize, it's not that it takes too much time, (because it doesn't, that's just a lame excuse.) it's not that it's because no one does it, it's just plain lazy!!!

And you can't disagree. I mean, HOW HARD IS IT to just press a simple button??? Not hard at all! And I must admit:

I am guilty just as they are. Back, WAY back, when I was around seven or eight years old, I had an AIM account, and never did I ever capitalize. I was lazy too. But soon, around eight-and-a-half or nine years old, I said, "What the heck??? I can't hold down a simple key??? I can't press SHIFT??? How will I get anywhere in life without proper English? I can't publish a book without proper English! I can't start a blog without proper English! I need to get out of my comfort zone and get used to capitalization!"

I did just as I said. And I have to be honest: All those straight A's I've EVER gotten in English were not taught to me from the book. I already knew all of it. I'm not bragging, but I'm saying how simple Language Arts can be with the right attitude!

I taught myself to use commas and apostrophes, and taught myself how to use semi-colons. And just then, I almost spelled 'COLON' wrong, but I taught myself how to spell basically every word I know! It's so easy--- You just need the right attitude! And now, I conclude this lecture at 1:16 PM.

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