Sunday, June 27, 2010

Enjoy Your Life... While You Can.

Ellie Potvin is an eight-year-old girl from North Carolina. At a young age, Ellie was diagnosed with stage 4 relapse. (By the way, this story IS true.) Ellie did NOT give up. From what I've heard, Ellie's still a happy girl. She has a twin and parents--- a beautiful family.

But a few weeks ago, Ellie got VERY sick. She couldn't walk, and she couldn't walk because her leg had some problems. Surgery??? Possible. But she had 40+ tumors in her lungs, so they could not perform surgery unless the tumors were gone. While Ellie was still sick, had a high fever, and was even vomiting, Hospice told the Potvins that Ellie had three weeks to live, six weeks at the most.

During that time, Ellie received a scooter so that she could get around, but was too sick to care about it. Ellie would feel good some days, crabby others, but knew she was near to death. But NOWHERE does it say that Ellie gave up.

However, on Wednesday, June 23; while I was still at camp, Ellie passed away, and now the Potvins know her as their angel. Just eight years old. Didn't even live through her single-digit years.

Oh, how we all take life for granted sometimes, when people like Ellie, living in the real life "My Sister's Keeper", are fighting just to hold on to one more day in her life. 2,920 days: THAT'S how short Ellie's life was cut, estimated.

So enjoy your life... WHILE YOU CAN! Ellie enjoyed her life... WHILE SHE COULD!!!! Do you think the Potvins' work is done just because Ellie is gone? NO IT IS NOT! The Potvins' work has just now begun! But we know Ellie is in good hands, she IS a Christian!

"Tell the world that Jesus LIVES!"

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