Thursday, June 3, 2010

Interviewing... Vanessa Siegel!

Meet Vanessa Siegel, the very first exchange student YOUR BLOG has ever interviewed! Vanessa tells us about her life in both the U.S. and in Germany.

Q: So your hometown is in Germany. Is it different than the U.S. by a lot or a little?
A: Just a little bit.

Q: When you first arrived in the United States, was it hard calling America home?
A: Oh yeah, it is hard. It's still hard.

Q: What is the average response when you tell people that your home in the U.S. is not technically your "home" and that you call Germany home?
A: They usually are like, 'Oh, how do you like it here? Is it different...'

Q: What grade are you in in the U.S. and what grade are you in in Germany?
A: I was a senior here and I'm actually a junior in Germany.

Q: Do you ever get homesick?
A: Well, I miss my friends and stuff.

Q: Was it hard learning English as a second lagnuage?
A: Well, I was in fourth grade when I learned.

Q: Will you miss the friends you made at Wayne?
A: No. (sarcastic.) Yes, I will; totally!!!!

Q: Vanessa, if YOU had the chance to stay in the U.S. for another year, would you?
A: I would stay here. (she says that because the US is just that awesome! It's a party in the USA! U-S-A! U-S-A!)

Q: Was it hard watching the Olympics and seeing team USA but rooting for Germany--- Wait, did you watch the Olympics?
A: I didn't really watch the Olympics! (okay, let's cross out that question...)

Q: Teah us some German. What is your name in German? How do I say 'Hope' in German?
A: Actually, my name is just Vanessa in German! (she laughs.) How to say Hope in German? Uh... it's Hoffnung.

-Hoffnung Ezell

P.S. vanessa, your friends at Wayne will miss you, I already know, I've heard so much about you!

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