Thursday, June 17, 2010

North Carolina & Georgia

I'm posting from the home of the 1996 Atlanta Olympics! I've already seen lots! Let me explain, and pull up a chair if you'd like.

In North Carolina, the trip there was a nightmare. It took 14 hours, nearly fifteen. And can you believe that we spent 2 of those hours just trying to find the house we were staying at??? Wow. The house was huge, but my favorite parts of the trip were eating graduation cake, going to church on Sunday, going to Bible Study on Tuesday, and taking pictures of the congregation. It was a super small church, and at Bethel they would've taken up maybe two pews, (however, our pews are quite long.) but that made NO difference. The people were even more friendly than some of my friends I've known for years.

No, we did not go to Myrtle Beach, but that's the next stop for next time. (hopefully, the oil will be cleaned up by then.) We didn't stay at a hotel, but hey! It was WAAAAY better than any hotel! The people we stayed with were actually some friends of my parents. My mom met them first, then it was my dad, and then they met me and Faith. (I think they already knew Charity from Okinawa or Salt Lake or something.) And I told them about my blog, I hope you're reading Ms. Shirley and Mr. D.! (and also you, younger Shirley!)

It was fun. Now, here in Georgia, I actually SAW the torch, but by the time I got my camera it was too late. I might go to the Georgia Dome where they held gymnastics in '96, or not go. But I know I will see the torch again, and take a snapshot of it, then I'll take a pic of the Fountain Of Rings, Cenntennial Olympic Park, and the circle of flags. This is my second Olympic experience!

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  1. she talked about her pins the whole ride bak to the church


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