Monday, April 19, 2010

Make A Blog Ministry!

Blogging is loads of fun, I know. And if you aren't the most "social" person, here's how to spread the word about Jesus through a keyboard and a blog.

1. Music. The proper music will atract people. Somebody may be trying to reach Facebook and accidentally reach your blog, but if you have good music, they may stay on. It isn't good for strangers to read your blog, but still. First, you may want the very first song to be a popular, possibly NON-Christian song. if someone hears "Fireflies", they'll be singing along until the next song. Or if you prefer Christian music all the way through, use Flyleaf or Superchic[k].

2. Good topics. A good topic will definitely atract visitors. Hae an interesting one, not a boring one such as, "I walked the dog. Posted by Kaytie at 8:30." That one is way too short and no one will like your blog if it's like that. And at least exaggerate your day like, "I nearly flew off the balance beam when my hands missed for a tumbling skill! So many thoughts went across my head in that moment, trying to find a solution to survive this routine without flying through air!" THAT'S exciting, partially because that really happened. And luckily, I was on the low beam so that minor scare was just a drill.

3. Have sidebars with lyrics to your favorite meaningful Christian songs such as, "Sorrow lasts through this night, I take this piece of you, and hold for all eternity!" Have sidebars with good messages too, like famous quotes.

As easy as 1-2-3!

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