Sunday, April 4, 2010


Playin' around. Also, Mr. John Bowman was in town, but he left Friday to go back to Colorado. I miss the Bowmans!!!!

In fact, speaking of which, I know this level 5 girl who is... Idk... Bethany's age? Six or seven? She's Philipino (totally killed that!!!) And so adorable! She looks like a little three year old! And one time, she was doing a back walkover on beam and her hands missed the beam and her head cracked. They were wondering if she was okay and she was like, "I'm fine! Don't embarrass me!" with her little accent! Little kids... so strong-willed...


  1. where were you Sunday?

  2. I went up to Cleveland to visit my family and went to my Mom's old church, where she also got married. (Olivet Baptist) Their service is sooo long! It goes from 9:30 to 11:30! That's the lngth of sunday school and church combined!


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