Friday, April 2, 2010

Best Of Both Worlds

Five minutes ago I curled my hair in front while leaving the back straight. It's Cleveland style hair in literally half an hour, step-by-step!

1. You need "Hot Sticks" or a curling iron. With the set of curlers, plug it in and it will heat up on it's own.

2. During that time, comb your hair with one comb. When you're done, clean out excess hair and put it under the sink and clean it.

3. Grab a detangling comb. Comb through flyaways, frizz, and anything else.

4. Put in hair oil all over, and spray the roots. This will moisturize for beautiful shine after you curl.

5. Grab a bristle brush and brush over the excess oil.

6. Comb through again, and separate a few strands from the rest, and then place the curler through and flip the hair, curling upward.

7. Repeat with other hair. WARNING: Your hands may be oily from spraying, so make sure that you wash your hands, no need for soap since you aren't getting dirty, and dry them for a good grip on the curler.

8. Leave curlers in for ten to fifteen minutes. Be patient, it's a fruit of the spirit!

9. Take 'em out. It's time to REALLY play and experiment with your new style!

10. Comb through curled part, and remember, YOU SHOULD NOT HAVE CURLED THE BACK. The more undone your hair is, the better, but you want your curls irresistable. Whatever irresistable is to you.

11. Grab a hair barrette, and sweep your bangs to the side. Yes, you need bangs for this part. While sweeping bangs over the side, place them on top of curled part and secure with barrette.

12. Picture time! Church time! Party time! Banquet time! Concert time! Whatever time it is for you, this look will make you feel, and look, beautiful. If you didn't feel beautiful, well, you are now!!!!

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