Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Aww! Awesome Ending!

OMG, I found out the saddest and cutest ending for my book! I can't tell you it, but it's so sad! The ending is getting better every time I think about it! as you may know, I'm typing up THE PERFECT RACE and plotting ANOTHER PERFECT RACE. But when i get to my final book in the "PERFECT RACE" saga, THE FINAL RACE, it will have a tragic ending.

Here's a clue... Mandy will not win gold this time in the womens' relay. A fatal tradgedy will happen to her and her family. Something horrible strikes.

The bright side is... Her parents remarry. She has a positive outcome of the 'fatal tradgedy'.

Now, we know something bad will happen, but what is it? No telling...

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