Sunday, April 18, 2010

Applications: Soon Available

For Gymnastics IS Life, we are having a weekly, monthly, and annual contest for our athletes at Bethel Christian and just plain athletes I know. Our dancers, cheerleaders, and of course, gymnasts are going to be in a contest to get the huge prize--- the athlete of the year.

Once an athlete in one of three categories, cheer, tumbling, or dance applies, that is kept record of all year. Once they've been one of three athletes of the week, they qualify for one of the three athletes of the month. Once they've reached that award, they have the chance of being one of three athletes of 2010. Once they've reached that goal, the public steps in.

There's an election. On a poll, will be the athletes' names, for example;

Chelsea Stew
Andrea M.
Kujo Laurent

You will vote on that person. The last three athletes will have a slogan like, "Be happy with Slappy!" or "Vote for Kujo and change the world". They will each have an individual photo of them in uniform and also in normal clothing. Once they've won the title, they make up an acceptance speech. They win candy, because who doesn't like candy? They get interviewed and share what started them in the sport. Understood? The nominees are:

Miranda schoone (gymnast, Special Olympics, state level)
Melanie Manuel (cheerleader, Troy Christian)
Mariah Ball (dancer)
Kaitlyn Newman (cheerleader, Spartans)
Kayla Vice (cheerleader, TWIGS)
Micheala McCamey (gymnast, TOPS)
Annika Anderson (gymnast, unknown gym)
Kalie Schaffer (dancer)
Jacob Vice (gymnast, TWIGS)
Andrea Murray (cheerleader, Grace Huber)

yes, I know, there is only one boy. Congrats, nominees! Also, I need more dancers and more boys, so if you know any possible nominees, I need to know! And to all nominees, if you are an athlete of the week, month, or year, your picture, if preferred, will appear next to a famous gymnast/cheerleader/dancer that resembles you.

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