Monday, March 8, 2010

Fun Arts: The Final Decision

I really can't say that you voted, but I can say that there was a ty in votes for songs, and the decision was mine.


I found it funny that we sang that song in church yesterday LoL. My only problem is, there are two---make that three---versions of that song.

Hillsong sings it. Chris and Conrad sing it. Francesca Battestelli even sings it. But I can only sing one version. I chose Chris and Conrad.

I don't have this song, so now I have to pay one dollar to buy on iTunes. But whatever. I was this = close to using Hillsong's version since my Daddy's in the church band and he has this song on his practice CD or on the website or however he's getting this song. But that version is too classy. Chris and Conrad's is so hard rocky. And if you don't know this, I LOOOOOVE <3 hard rocky! I like:

Orchestra Music (You probably figured when you saw the Olympic theme song)
Hard rock
Jazzy Music (didn't think that, did you???)
Opera (JK!!! Just thought that would sound cool!)
Any music with chello in it
Popular songs
Country music
Love songs that are sad
Songs that make no sense!

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