Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Major Thought

Okay, I talked to some friends, and obviously, they do not understand the writing process. So here it is:

You must outline your story parts, if desired.

Clustering is NOT optional! You need to cluster to become more organized and get off subject less often.

Rough Draft.
You begin your story. This is my absolute favorite part because writing takes a shorter amount of time for me, but also takes longer. This is the part where you are most creative. You come up with all your ideas and even add unexpected scenes. Add in some characters, whatever. But you should do this on a long trip or on a Saturday, because you might desire to only write one chapter, but you might be sitting with a pen and a notebook for an hour just trying to figure out the first sentence.

Proofread and Revise.
Before ANYONE proofreads and/or revises, YOU need to. Why? There might be something you really regret writing that someone else may proofread when they really don't have to. Or maybe it's a weird part that would be embarrassing for them to see.

Get a Family Member to Proofread and Revise.
I used my sister for this. What can your sibling do? Chances are, your brother/sister will be way more honest with you than your Sunday school teacher. (They're honest when they say, "Shut up!" aren't they?) They can help you change something they think may not make too much sense.

Get a Parent to Proofread/Revise.
Nobody can add more drama than your mama! Your parents, depending on which one is better in Language Arts, can proofread for you. In my case, I chose my mom, because she taught at a charter school in Japan and was a school principal in math, plus she teaches me, but my dad went to Air Force Academy. A college, but does English class really matter at war???

Final Draft.
Go to your computer. Using WORD or PUBLISHER, start by typing two pages that say:

(example) The Perfect Race
Hope Angelica Ezell

Then, type your acknowlegements.

(example)To Jimmy Carter, because he's my favorite president, to Granny, because she makes the best chicken, (and THAT's true!) and to my best friend Shawn Johnson, because whenever our team has meets and I lose, she helps me stay happy with my place.

Now start your story.

Now look for an editor that makes a living off of editing. Have them edit.

Find a local publisher who can help you design a cover, give you tips for future books, and talk to you about your work. They can also help you sell your most.

This process takes about a year, so be patient!

Receive the First Copy.
You'll receive a copy with the cover on it and everything. if you like it, you can let them know and this will be the copy in bookstores. Don't like it? Send it back. Try again.

Your book is published! Hope for the best!

You're a Star!
You become famous and are on the TODAY show!

They make a movie! Now you've hit the box office just like Twilight, only more Christian-like, and no one cares about Twilight anymore!!!

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