Monday, March 22, 2010

And That Concludes It... So Magnificent, Right?

This month we learned about the "unknown" gymnasts. We learned about the popular gymnasts like Moceanu, Strug, and Miller. But here is each and every gymnast's story: On the gold medal.

"Winning the gold medal proves to me that hard work pays off!"
-Amanda Borden

"Winning the gold medal at the Olympics means that I've accomplished my dream, my own satisfaction and feeling of pride."
-Amy Chow

"The Olympic gold medal has meant so much to me, but even without it, I would still be proud and satisfied with my Olympic experience."
-Dominique Dawes

"It means a great deal because it showed we can accomplish anything with teamwork!'

"The best part of winning the team gold medal in Atlanta was the feeling of pride for my country!"
-Dominique Moceanu

"Winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games has made all the long days in the gym and ups and downs worth it."

"Winning the team gold medal was an accomplishment of a lifetime goal and the fufillment of a dream."
-Kerri, who is getting married Aril 25th, 2010!!!

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