Thursday, April 26, 2012

Prayers MUCH Appreciated

My title sounds desperate, I know, but... desperate times call for desperate measures! hehe!

So, tomorrow I leave for the Ohio District Fine Arts Festival. I will be singing (solo this time... that's why I haven't been talking about it much lately) and doing a large human video. PLEASE pray for us to do as well as we can. Though one of my goals are nationals, there are much bigger reasons for this annual competition. It's ministry, and I still wanna do to the best of my abilities. And so does everyone else. We have practiced SO HARD for tomorrow. The competition road could all end on Saturday. It could continue 'til August. Please pray that no matter what happens, we give it our all.

I also will be finishing my Ohio Achievement Test on Monday, due to not attending school tomorrow. If you can, pray that I can do that to the best i can as well. It's alright if you don't want to... it's not a pass-or-fail grade, so I'm not treating it like it. BUT! If a whole bunch of us do well on the science test tomorrow (or in my case, Monday, and in my friend Cheyenne's case, next Wednesday), our teacher could get a raise! I'm not the only one benefiting from this.

So, please, in your thoughts, please keep the Ohio Assemblies of God Fine Arts/Fun Arts/Kappa tau participants and Ohio's eighth grade and below students in mind.


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