Saturday, April 21, 2012

Dance Must-Haves!

As I mentioned previously, I attended my first school dance a few hours ago, as it is in the wee hours right now.
So, here are the things you will NEED for your spring dance or prom. Or, start planning for homecoming--- spring turns to summer and summer turns into another school year, which means another football season, which means another dance.
1. Buy a dress.
 It's a formal dance, so you need something pretty. It can be a church dress, it can be a bridesmaids' dress... anything'll do. The dress above was purchased from Kohl's. You too can get it for $78.00. No, I'm not that wealthy... it was on clearance. So there's a chance it's not in the store anymore, but if it is, you're paying big bucks, honey. I absolutely loved the dress (I'm still wearing it) because firstly, there was no bra necessary--- it was padded. Plus, you'd think it'd be super short, but it was fine. The only problem with it was... it was quite difficult to dance in because my bust is smaller than the norm, so it was sliding down as I danced. And when I got outside.... my, oh my, it was FLYING. Do you even know how long it took for me to get inside my car?
2. Carry a clutch.
 No one likes hauling around a huge bag with such a cute outfit. I mean, seriously--- do you need your sunglasses? Your iPod? Your headphones? A pillow (believe it or not, I do haul around a huge pillow, and don't ask why)? No. Limit yourself to what you need--- your dance ticket/money, just-in-case items, gum/mints, some makeup, bobby pins, a small fragrance, and leave extra room to put away those earrings that are just annoying the crap out of you.
3. Fancy hair is a must.
 Always go for a look you haven't worn or don't normally wear, but make sure you're positive it will look good. That's why you try out the style two hours before leaving and then make sure you've planned an alternative. Like, my style was a vintage curl (it's difficult to describe), and I was afraid it may not work. With CONAIR HotSticks, it's really hard to tell what your hair will look like up until you're taking out the curlers and... well, then it's too late. So I told myself that if the curl didn't work I'd just use a ponytail. I never put my hair up anyway and personally I look better with a ponytail. But the style was successful, and so was the dance.
4. Keep it fresh.
 Nothing's worse than feeling exhausted. When I wash my face, I feel a renewal, like I have woken up again. But because I wake up so early in the mornings an dgo to bed so late at night, I never have the time to wash my face. Thank heavens "good skin" runs in my mom's side of the family. However, "bad skin" runs in my dad's side. So I've got occassional acne. So, what I do to keep breakouts under control, is wash my face with Neutrogena's Acne Wash that smells great (mm... grapefruit!) and works amazing. Then, I use a weaker toner/astringent and rub all over with a cotton ball. Then, I use BeautiControl's Warming Trend mask... oh my gosh, it is AMAZING. As long as my face is wet prior, it warms up on my face. Like, literally. But don't keep it on for too long... I have a scar from a chemical burn. So at max, leave it on for two minutes.
5. Beautiful feet strut confidence
 Don't forget to give yourself a pedicure! Use a scrub and a base coat, then use the same color as your dress in a darker shade. I chose a burgundy/purple.
6. Time to blossom
 Anyone who knows me knows I LOOOOOOVVVVVEEEE my flowers! I wear them on the side of my head all the tme. And the ones in the picture are only a small fraction of how many I own. People are also starting to copy my style--- I know it's a common trend, but people I know are beginning to wear them after me, when Lord knows I started that trend in my school. The one I chose for the dance was the black-and-white one. It was either that one or the purple one on the right--- which one would you have chosen?
7. Like nails on a chalkboard
 Artificial nails are a gift from heaven. They're so fun, and a lot faster to use than nail polish, though with me loving creating cosmetological art, I prefer painting myself anyway. But these took about ten minutes to put on just before I had to leave. And I still managed to eat before leaving. Talent right there.
8. The key to my heart
 Make sure to have a necklace to distract from any cleavage.
9. Smelling fresh is feeling fresh

 Those that know me well know that I. LOVE. DARK KISS. I also like PARIS AMOUR, both from Bath and Body Works. The other fragrance is an expensive Chanel one from like, the 80s. Literally. It was purchased in the 80s and my mom has barely used it.
10. Walking on the stars
 Be smart--- go for lower heels NOT high ones! Remember, this is a dance also, not just some formal event. No one likes dancing in pain. I understand you short people (not really... just being nice), but I say this for your own good--- don't get super high stillettos.
11. The simple spandex cheer short
 Volleyball players. Track runners. Soccer kids. Dancers. Gymnasts. Cheerleaders. You know what I'm talking about, and yes, I am asking you to wear sports apparel under your dress. Why? When and if dancing, to spring formals you're wearing short dresses most likely. Don't you want some protection? Some freedom to move? Well then you need shorts. Prom kids, you should be alright. But if this applies to you, do follow.
I don't know how this is step 12... it's more of a 1 to me! I had Fitness in sixth period before the dance, so as soon as I entered my house after the 45 minute bus ride, I rushed to get in the shower. I had a lot to get done, as you see. So I used my shaving cream to shave (obviously), then rubbed herbal oil all over my body for moisture. The razor is a Quattro. Within three minutes of being out of the shower, I rubbed Dark Kiss lotion all over. You may have guessed I love that stuff.... hence the Dark Kiss shower gel in the above picture.
Well, I hope these tips help you! Bye!


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