Wednesday, April 4, 2012


You'd got me obsessed
Now I'm depressed
Weighing on my shoulders
Little devil, little angel
(Pretend this poem rhymes.)
Dark, I know...
But this was the only feeling I knew
24 hours ago.
I have to let go, darling
I loved you but it's holding me back
I'm making this miserable for the both of us.
I wanted it to be a secret
I wanted you to know
They told you
I kept silent
I regret.
I regret saying nothing.
I regret ignoring you
Because whether I want to face it or not
There's a love greater than me that I want you to see
You think no one loves you, I thought Jesus loved you...
I thought I loved you...
But only God knows your destiny
All I can do is pray
Time won't escape
Time won't escape
And you won't escape
Before it's too late.

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