Thursday, April 19, 2012

It's Prom Season:)

It's prom season in Ohio this spring:)

So excited! My sister got a date for her senior prom, my other sister is a sophomore but since our school is so tiny she's allowed to go to prom (doesn't matter... she still doesn't wanna go... our school only goes up to grade eleven, while Charity attends a separate school), and then as for me...

The middle school formal spring dance is tomorrow! I'm soooo excited! Saturday, if not tomorrow, I will be posting original images (with my signature: crappy photography!) on what to wear to formal dances and proms and homecomings. You just don't even know...

My dress is REALLY cute!!! I feel rich when I say this: It cost me $78.00. Well... alright, it was on Clearance at Kohl's for $25.00 (I think that includes sales tax). But still, it originally was $78. Golee, can't a girl be happy she got a pretty dress for a pretty price anymore?

It's purple and black. I got a black ring, a black-and-white flower, a silver bracelet, a black shrug, and black heels. I will be painting my toenails black, with artificial fingernails. I'm kinda nervous... I've never used nail glue before.

But I am SOOOOOO excited! Like, seriously! I already have my dance tips figured out!I can't wait to post them! A few weeks ago I wrote out a prom/homecoming/dance checklist. So I'll leak one tip.

1. Buy a dress.

See ya! LoL!


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