Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fourteen Paths

Why fourteen, you say?
Why? Because you turn fourteen today.
You know who you are
I know who you are
Perhaps you're flattered,
Perhaps you're not.
Either way odds aren't ever in our favor
But we'll fight
To the death.
Fourteen paths, there are
But only one leads to eternity's way.
There's lust,
There's hate,
There's covet,
There's murder,
There's violence,
There's apathy,
There's silence,
There's revenge,
There's greed,
There's jealousy,
There's anger,
There's distractions,
There are lies,
There is a straight, narrow path.
Fourteen ways...
Which will you take?
Yeah, you.
With the smile like dawn (innocent?).
You weren't mine, but I wouldn't let go until you were mine (desperate jealousy).
I didn't tell you, I was afraid (my stupid, apathetic silence).
And you're distracted.
I want to tell you that yes there is a place
The hellfire we've all been running from
You may believe it isn't there
But darling I'm afraid to tell you it is
I know it is
Trust me.
Just this once
Follow me
I'll take the lead
To the stairs to heaven,
I know they're there
Trust me.

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