Saturday, September 1, 2012

Artists who NEED to Collaborate!

Some musicians just make me fangirl. They inspire me to become a better musician, to keep chasing my dreams, to one day become successful (take note of this: "successful" doesn't have to mean "famous!").

Great musicians need great friends. Great friends make great collabs. I'm actually thinking about forming a folk band this year with some of my school friends!

So, here are some artists that NEED to meet up and make some songs together.

1. The Secret Sisters and Eden's Edge
Would you believe how big these two "unknown" bands have gotten? The Secret Sisters are on The Hunger Games album. Eden's Edge is pretty much mainstream. I found out about Eden's Edge through Deas Vail (the lead singer, Hannah Blaylock, is the sister of Deas Vail's lead singer, Wesley Blaylock) but it should have been the other way around! Still, there is some serious talent running in the Blaylock genes. Imagine these two country/folk bands together. Just imagine.   2. The Good Mad and Eden's Edge
Listen to "Follow Your Heart" and then listen to "Too Good to be True" again. I think THIS would be a SERIOUSLY EPIC collab. Maybe just because these are my absolute favorite country bands. 3. The Musical Dorks and Megan and Liz
I don't know why I want them to collaborate. But I do. 4. Measure and Death Cab for Cutie
I am seriously obsessed with "Begin Again" and these two bands' piano rock indie styles (even though neither are very indie anymore!) would just be beautiful together. So come on... why not? 5. Athlete and Coldplay
These bands are both British, creative, amazing, and have got me fangirling every time I hear another one of their amazing songs. Coldplay's new album makes me dance. Their older stuff reaches into my soul, same with Athlete. 6. Kari Jobe and Katie Costello
These two girls sound like angels. 7. Yael Naim and Chad Sugg
I love this world-y feel both songs have. You know, the kind of music that brings you home no matter where you are. 8. Taylor Swift, Hannah Blaylock (Eden's Edge), Wesley Blaylock (Deas Vail)
These three artists. Together. Oh, yes.

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