Friday, September 7, 2012

Face it and Embrace it: You're Different!

You're different. You're weird. You're unique. No one is like you and you're like no one. You're different. Special. How do you feel about that?

Do you feel insulted? Like you have a place in this world? Like there's something wrong with you? Do you not know how you feel at all?

I'll tell you how I used to feel about that. I'm one special kid, let me tell you. The kind that gets all worked up over something completely nerdy (like Doctor Who or the Olympics or Narnia), is completely peevish over things like chipped nail polish and people writing with pencils and using chalkboards, will show up in an unpredictable outfit--- matchy-matchy sometimes, all over the place another day (and people are all like, "what are you wearing?" Listen up, buddy: Last I checked, you didn't own a Coach bag, or even a pair of heels, so who are you to talk about my outfit?" Yeah, I'm quite peeved). I'm all for art, music and gymnastics, not football, math and high school drama.

I didn't like being different because I was constantly being criticised for it.

People, stop pulling the "stupid" card! We are all unique. I've been called stupid by classmates, teammates, etc. I used to believe it in like, elementary school. At  my current school, people, I think, don't really think that of me. But still. They assume I'll fail the math test (speaking of which, I probably did fail today's Algebra test). They'll say "I bet even Hope knows that!" I used to just laugh along as if it didn't hurt, but guys, it does. No, I am not the best at math--- my only goal is just to pass it so I can graduate on time. But the problem isn't always others. Sometimes, it's you. Do YOU think you're stupid because of something small? Get over it.

Okay, come on. we can't all be Asian. We can't all be muscular or thin. We can't all be tall or short. We can't all look like McKayla Maroney or Aliya Mustafina or those Tumblr models. Ladies, do you expect freshman boys to look like Calvin Klein models? Hopefully not, else you need to snap to reality. I used to have a problem with this. I have to literally GAIN weight to fit into homecoming dresses. I have a pair of cutoffs that I've had since I was eight (and they're still comfy!). Undereye circles. Smaller bust. I look terrible in a leotard. Never picture ready. NEVER. I never liked being 5'8". But then I realized: Many girls would KILL to be my height and maybe they could model, too. Many girls would kill to have my lack of ability to gain weight. No one looks good in a leo, unless your name is McKayla Maroney or Sam Peszek. And who cares about cup size? Seventh grade boys? GET OVER IT. Stop wasting time hating your body and chasing things you'll never have, because you'll never know who sees those "flaws" as perfection.

Stop chasing those who will never chase after you!
I definitely have a problem with this. Just like any other teenage girl. You meet a guy or he's been your friend forever and it just connects. I think he's the one. Long story short, he's not, your heart gets broken, you cry, the world ends. Though I'm not saying don't fall in love, I'm saying that there can be someone out there that notices your differences.. and actually likes them. And you don't notice them because you're too busy noticing someone who will never notice you. So keep your eyes open.

Realize that you can't be---or do---everything.
I was watching the latest episode of "Switched At Birth," and a guy was talking to Daphne, a deaf girl who got a job in his kitchen without him knowing of her disability, and he told her something like this: "You've probably grown up being told that you can be anything you set your mind to. Well I'm going to be honest. You can't.  I can't be a jockey, I'm too tall. My sister can't be a singer on Broadway, she doesn't sing too well. We're all made differently."

That is what really got me writing this post. We all have a different purpose. You can't be everything. And while nothing is impossible with God, there might be a different purpose for your life than becoming an Olympic gymnast and famous musician. You were born for this.

Born for what, exactly?

Born to be different. Stop fitting in and stand out. You are different for a reason. If you find yourself best at music, maybe you should be a sound technician, worship leader, or composer or teacher. If you think engineering is your thing, maybe you could create some things. If you love to write, start a blog or write a book, maybe some songs. You're different. Do something about it.

And if they judge you? They can screw it. Because you wanna know what they're trying to hide?

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