Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Womens' Music: Megan and Liz

Name meaning: Their names are Megan McKinley and Elizabeth Morgan. Megan's name goes first for the way it sounds/looks and because she is one minute older than Liz.

I first discovered Megan and Liz in the summer of 2011. I saw them in my subscription suggestions and figured I'd just subscribe to their YouTube. I didn't listen to any of their stuff until like, October. Then I heard their cover of "Stereo Hearts" by the Gym Class Heroes (which was a nominee for "Best Cover of 2011" in the Blogspot Awards!) and was like, "These twins are awesome."

Genre: Pop

Though these girls are twins, they make me wish we were triplets!

Don't you love Megan's hair? She's the one playing guitar. I've tried that hairstyle so many times... it's not even funny.
This song reminds me of the feeling I get when I have to unpack. I'm thinking all these memories. "Here I go, randomly thinking about you."
This song is cute. Not my favorite, but still. It's got a good point. People used to think of love so differently. Nowadays it's all about um... must I have to say it... sex and rushing things and hardly anyone stays married anymore. People treat marriage like getting a boyfriend/girlfriend and divorce like a breakup. It's not even sacred anymore. But, their point is a little more fluffy than that, I'm just overanalyzing again.
This is probably one of the most beautiful songs and videos I've ever seen. Megan and Liz's writing is usually not that deep, but this song is just plain beautiful.
This song describes my relationship with Andrew Garfield.
I love Boyce Avenue so much, and Megan and Liz sound like angels here.
Liz's harmony and Megan's rapping <3
Perfect song to listen to when you're freaking stressed.
I've never been through a breakup, but these lyrics are amazing. I kinda miss their old songs...
Now, THIS one, I can relate to.
The video is so peaceful. Looks like they're in... Colorado? It looks a lot like the Local Natives video for "Who Knows Who Cares." For fans of: Maddi Jane, Katy Perry, He Is We, Tiffany Alvord, Hot Chelle Rae, Ellie Swisher.

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