Monday, July 23, 2012

Womens' Music: Ellie Swisher

Name meaning: I think "Ellie" means "Light" or something (but I think her full name is Elaine or Eleanor). A swisher is a cigarette. But hey, it's just her name.

I don't remember when I discovered Ellie, but it was during my eighth grade year (just a way of making myself sound old--- I'm only a freshman). She has been such an inpiration ever since. She is unsigned (don't ask me why), and she lives in the same state as me (O-H-I-O!), just a few counties and two hours away. She performed in a free concert in Genoa, but freakin' Fine Arts had to be scheduled the next day. Ugh.

Genre: Acoustic, alternative, pop

I am a huge fan of Ellie. She reminds me of that great feeling I have when I'm at home. Probably because we both live in Ohio. But whatever. You'll just have to listen to this kid. She's like an angel on earth.

You heard this during my Landon Austin post on here. Don't they both sound like angels? And 3:07 is still my favorite part--- beautiful bass note!
This song is so pretty--- I've never even heard the original, but now I'm gonna have to buy it! I'm loading up my iPod for NFAF, and Ellie has helped me discover more artists day by day. "This could be the end of why don't we go somewhere only we know?" Why not?
I don't like this song too much, but I do like Ellie's version. Notice she's wearing a Landon Austin shirt?
I love this song so much! I don't know who the heck it's dedicated to, or if it's dedicated to anyone at all, but all I know is that it is so relatable. It's everything I want in a guy in a song. "I'm so lucky that I have you. I couldn't say what I'd do without you... you're the best friend that I could ever ask for... you're the perfect ten, I wouldn't trade you for anything... you're everything that I couldn't be, you're the other half of me... can't sleep, too busy laughing... you say life is sweeter 'cause I'm in it. But trust in me, I'm the one that's winning... I can't describe what I feel inside every time you walk into my life!"
Stop messing with your hair. Nevertheless, we still love you, Elle! For fans of: Katy Perry, Landon Austin, Nicole Nordeman, Katie Costello, He Is We, Danielle Lowe, Megan Nicole, Sara Bareilles, Marie Digby, Brooke Waggoner, The Good Mad, Maddi Jane,

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