Monday, July 9, 2012

Local Natives

Name meaning: It is what it is. Kinda like those people that have been living in your town for decades and decades. They live in your area, they've been there for like, ever. Which, that makes them local natives.

I discovered the Local Natives in around November or December from a friend. He introduced me to the band's song "Airplanes" (which, I've blogged about many, many times--- just check out my label for the Local Natives and you'll see) and eventually I got so hooked on it that he gave me the Gorilla Manor album. Trust me, I had to really nag him about it.

These guys made it big in 2010, when their album (Gorilla Manor) was published. Of course, they're still classified as indie, but they're a very popular indie group. They have performed on the same radio show (KCRW) that artists like Gotye ("Somebody That I Used to Know") have performed on.

Genre: Indie folk/rock

Wanna know why this California band is big in Britain?
"Wide Eyes." This is their most popular song, along with the hit "Airplanes" (which I will embed in this post). I learned the guitar lead on acoustic--- it's so easy! You just put your fingers in a down-diagonal on the last three strings starting from the space between the first bar and the second on the last string and then going down with the others. Then, you pluck from the last to the first fingered, then pluck the second, then back to the last. The rest you can figure out (can't give a guitar tutorial using just text! Sorry!). "All the men of faith and men of science had their questions. Could it ever be on earth as it is in heaven?"
I love how this song never even says the word "airplanes," but that's the title of the song. And for those of you who thought this song was about a breakup, no, it's about Taylor's late-grandfather.
"World News" is the perfect song to listen to in the car when you're dealing with road rage, or just plain angry. Ever had one of those days when just nothing is going your way? Maybe this is you: "The lane next over is always faster and you wait so long until you're so bothered but right after you complete your merge, the lane you started in gets going... you don't like anything on the radio... a cloud covers your car at just the right time for you to see the dark on your face in the mirror... your phone goes off with a picture of your mother. It's five to six, and she can't find your brother..." Ever had one of those days? And "while normally you'd yell and scream, instructing her to go and find him on her own," that's when things start going right and "calmly you're exiting, telling her that you are headed on your way home." Yeah, everyone has those days when they feel so angry they could die. But you know what? "The bad feeling so bad makes the good so good!"
"How is the language we're speaking the same? Shape Shifter, have you discovered a change?" I love this song. "Your eyes, they swell like a riot... deranged. Tomorrow you're laughing like a child again."
The video for "Who Knows Who Cares" looks like it must have been fun to shoot---This song is so carefree and perfect for summer. He starts out kinda without confidence like "Is my life about to change?" Then he gets more confident in the second verse and in the bridge he admits, "it's all about to change." But, whatever. "Who knows... who cares?"
"Sticky Thread" has quite some message. No, he's not just singing about spider webs. Besides, I'm deathly afraid of spiders--- I would have hated this song (but I sure love Spider-Man!) is that's what it were about. But it's about fights in relationships. "Why didn't I say anything until now? So much is said without a sound." How they're essential, I guess. It shows passion. I don't know, I'm no marriage counselor. These guys may have abstract lyrics and beautiful (but distracting!) music, but what I love is that you can interpret the message any way you want. Even when told the meaning, you can still find a way to connect it to your religion, your relationships ("Cards & Quarters" and "Cubism Dream"), your problems ("World News"), your life. Their copyrights, your jam.                                  

This band is for fans of: The Decemberists, Regina Spektor, Yael Naim, Arcade Fire, Kiersten Holine, Chad Sugg, Coldplay, Glen Hansard, Athlete, Radiohead, Death Cab for Cutie

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