Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Musical Men: Landon Austin

Name meaning: Well, it's his name. You can ask his parents why.

I discovered Landon in... I want to say February, but I'm thinking it's more like... March. I found out about him from Ellie Swisher (I'll blog about her during the womens' music week), when they did their "Safe & Sound" collaboration (she has some free music on Facebook--- don't miss out!).

This twenty-three-year-old, class of 2006/2007 high school graduate, has over four million views on YouTube. But, that doesn't automatically mean he's a star. His videos each get as little as a few hundred views and as much as a hundred thousand. This guy needs some serious help, because I know he can make it big, if we attract more bloggers to him. Though he's classified as mainstream, he's soooo indie. Yet still he has his claims to fame--- collaborations with Luke Conard and Ingrid, Chad Sugg, and his amazing vlogs--- they're like blogs, but they're videos (*open mouth thing!* You'll know what I'm talking about when you see the vlog I'm gonna embed here)! He'll get big, sooner or later. And I have a feeling he'll "make it there, sooner than later." (quoting Mat Kearney's "Sooner or Later".)

Genre: Indie rock, pop, covers, YouTube artist, country, acoustic, it's-Landon-you-can't-find-a-genre-for-him

I've talked enough. As you know, talk is cheap. Talent however is not, so I better quit talking and start embedding. Trust me, it's impossible not to fall in love with Landon.
Thank you, Ellie Swisher, for collabing with this guy. Thank you, Landon, for finding her (no, they're not dating--- she's like, nineteen). I'm extremely picky about this song, as you saw in my special battle of the covers. They like, nailed it. Ellie sounds like an angel. Landon has the voice for this--- it's the male voice I wish I heard in the song. I mean, yeah the guy from The Civil Wars sang, but they only did backup and I wish they had a bigger part in the song than just "ooh ooh ooh ooh"-ing, you know? In this, instead of hitting a cymbal, at 3:07 they have a huge bass note. It adds more emotion in there. And Landon looks adorable at 3:14-3:18.
Yup. He's a proud blogger vlogger. And don't worry, boy. I can't whistle either. My attempts sound the same as yours. And I love the theme song (of course, he recorded it *girly sigh*). "Hello there/welcome/how'd you get here?/I don't really know but um/I'm glad you're here/'Cause this is my vlog:)". Isn't it so cute? Even the drawings are cute! Landon, I'm glad I'm here, too (you made me glad I came! Ha, see what I did there? If not, he covered "Glad You Came"!). But if you really wanna know how I got here... okay... I wanted to see what your house looked like. If it looked normal, I would have a chance of interviewing you. If not, well then, I better get started on that Journalism major the second I graduate! It looks normal... so we have a chance of dating I have a chance of interviewing you. In fact, I have some questions for you right now. How many shoes exactly do you have (you mention them at 1:55, 2:09, and 2:48. I think they're all the same pair...)? And why are you so awkward... it's so cute but distracting...? I love ya--- little stalker 2:49! 3:49--- "It's America's freedom. And you should be free from moving." I feel so bad for the kid--- I know how stressful moving is, (cross-country moving in my case) even though I was so young. 3:54 made me crack up... little creeper! 4:06 is the open mouth thing, LoL! 4:41-5:01 is totally how I am with my bloggies--- "I liked most of your posts, but I had a problem with this one---" and I'm like, "Holy no no no, don't tell me what you didn't like!" And 5:31, I cracked up. Landon, you're a little behind, I see (this was filmed a few days ago)! And I am so jealous of you--- you've got black gospels, Radiohead, Johnny Cash. Lucky. 7:20... hmm... why does that sound like something I would do.... And 7:52. I really needed that hug.
I really love how Chad Sugg and Landon Austin sound together. They both have such unique, raspy voices. I'm glad they're friends. Because I love them both, and them singing together makes my heart jump.
I love this trio here! I am not a fan of Ingrid's voice, I must admit. Luke admitted that he uses Auto-Tune (though I've heard him sing without it and he really doesn't need it), so I hear quite a bit of tuning on Ingrid. She's a nice beauty guru, but singing... um... at least she's trying. However, surprisingly her part was my favorite: 1:29 through to 1:47. I love how there's a whole bunch of snare on her solo, and I always find myself singing "...Wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to kno-o-o-ow..." So catchy. But, Landon. His thirteen-second solo (0:26-0:41) was so... I can't even... gah.
I hate the original. I love this. Even his dog is cute.
Wanna hear him NOT AutoTuned? This is him, unedited. Not even Photoshopped (okay, that's a maybe).
Maybe it's just me, but Landon always seems more camera-ready than Luke! I love this. The acoustic seems less mainstream, though. I love it. Anyone else thinking of Spider-Man? Come on--- he can't fly but he can definitely take you on adventures, he won't move at the speed of light but if you need him he'll be there. For fans of: Ellie Swisher, Coldplay, The Decemberists, Glen Hansard, Chad Sugg

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