Saturday, May 5, 2012


iHeartRadio is having a Rising Star competition. This means?

Whoever wins gets to open at the Macy's 2012 iHeartradio music festival. All the biggest stars in music will be there... it will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, and dude... 30,000 people in the audience! That makes Fine Arts, talent shows, and occassionally singing in church sound super small! The most people I've performed in front of I'd say would have to be... 250 people, because when I did Christian Band last year and we made Nationals, we performed in front of the entire adult congregation on a Sunday morning, and that's a lot of people. But... compared to this, that might as well be 25 people.

The most people Megan and Liz have performed in front of? 2,000. And THAT doesn't even compare to this opportunity.

These girls are amazingly talented. They may be pop artists, but I still love them despite my negative feelings toward that genre of music. I mean, they sound great recorded
and live
 and everything in between!
These girls truly deserve this. Like, seriously. They moved all the way from Michigan to continue their music career in Nashville, Tennessee. Either way, they live near the state I currently live in.

Full name Megan McKinley Mace. She's the oldest twin by one minute, and the brunette of the duo. She has been playing guitar for over five years. Is a pescatarian.

Full name Elizabeth Morgan Mace. She's the youngest twin by one minute, and the blonde of the duo. She is beginning to play the piano. Is a vegetarian.

They were born in South Bend, Indiana and raised in Edwardsburg, Michigan. They graduated from Edwardsburg High School, at which they were also cheerleaders. Both girls have Tumblr blogs and love singing and songwriting and have published 22 original songs.

PLEASE vote for these girls! They are in the lead currently, but they still need your vote. You cna vote for them up to 25 times today and then 25 times tomorrow and 25 more times everyday until the contest ends on May 13th.

Finally, a contest that doesn't require a Facebook account. All you need is an e-mail account. Like, seriously, that's it. Just click this link:

And then go down until you see them and click VOTE. You can even listen to "Are You Happy Now." Come on, let's help two (rival) bloggers out!

P.S. 30,000 people at a concert? That's A LOT of people! And guess how many pageviews this blog has? 20,000! The readers of this blog can fill up two-thirds of that stadium! Thanks for reading!

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