Tuesday, May 15, 2012

My First Good Picture!

I told y'all how I can't upload photos to save my life. So... before I buy myself a good camera for photography, I gotta start from level 1. It's like gymnastics. You gotta get good at it before you move to the more advanced stuff. Unlike with how you have to wait until level 4 to compete in gymnastics, I'm competing in photography next year. So... I gotta get a move on and work on the basics between now and September.

And random news: I might get to go to Worship Camp this summer! It takes place during my last week of school, but I'll only be missing the last two days. It'll be fun, though--- I will be placed in a group to do band and we get to practice with Cedarville University's worship team. I'm gonna try to get some kids from my church to go with me. Still, I wanna say goodbye to my classmates (some aren't coming back for freshman year). Reminds me of how much has changed...

I know, I know, I mention this pretty much at least four times a year, but... Fifth grade. I was in the fifth grade when I started this blog... golee, that seems so long ago. And I was ten. And that was 2009. And I was homeschooled. And I couldn't upload pictures.

Now it will soon be the summer between eighth and ninth grade. I'm thirteen. This is 2012. I'm basically private-schooled. And I still can't upload pictures... ah, some things never change:)

I figured out how to upload from iPads, though! Here's one of my favorites of the fuzzy photography! Again, I am yet to get a higher quality camera. Maybe one day I can make a hobby of photography like Drew or be a pro at editing like Mrs. Jenilee. One day... one day. But until then, I'll have to rely on Charity, my naturally-talented-at-photography-and-photo-editing sister. Maybe she and Drew can take my graduation photos (*cough* in four years *cough*).

But for now, here's mine!

So proud of myself... looks less pixilated on the computer than it did on the iPad! Yay!

Like always...


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