Friday, May 4, 2012

Simple Summer Day

My mind is cleared of worries
I can put my soul at rest
Only temporarily, of course
But this feeling is the best.
It's a simple summer day
In Ohio,
And it's just me and the river
The forest
The sun
And a few close friends
A time of year when everyone's a bohemian---
Floral dresses, shirts, skirts
Flowers in their hair.
I love the feeling of belonging.
Then there's freedom.
"Remember to check ProgressBook"
"You're gonna be late for your bus"
"I'm too busy"
It's just the life I've wanted to live all year.
I get to do everything I've wanted to:
Out of school,
Violin lessons,
Learn new guitar chords,
Play my piano
Admire my bass
Practice my vocal solo for Nationals
Summer camp
County fair
Legendary funnel cakes
And swimming in my friend's pool.
I don't have to deal with snobs for another whole three months and I finally have time to focus on what really matters to me.
I can't think of a better feeling,
But then again,
That's just me:)

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  1. That was AWESOMELY TOTALLY COOL just so you know, I didn't know your poetry was that good 10 stars for you. Anyway go to tell you somthin important CHECK YOUR E-MAIL!


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