Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Ten Days and Guess Who's a Freshman?

Yup. This girl, who started this blog as an elementary school home-schooled student, is entering high school. No more being treated like I'm little anymore.

In clubs today, this came across my mind. We separated our club by high and middle school, which I honestly wasn't a fan of because I'm friends/acquainted with many of the high schoolers, and I was the oldest of the middle school students, which many of their maturity levels weren't... well, you get it.

We were practicing a skit and our teacher said, "Why don't you stand in the doorway so I can see you." That doesn't happen when you're in high school because she is a high school teacher and lets them do their own thing. But no. We're younger so we get treated like babies. And I'm sick of it.

I'm sick of being blamed for the stupid acts of one group of kids. The whole middle school half of our school gets a bad reputation because ONE group of kids decides to be bad. All the high schoolers hate us (even my sister), though not personally, especially since they know me.

And another thing about being a freshman? In the middle of the year I almost wanted to be homeschooled again. But then I heard how many kids are leaving for high school, and now I'm psyched for freshman year. Pretty much all of the rude, ignorant kids are leaving and making the school a better environment. Just wait until the sixth graders come in...

Hopefully the maturity levels will grow. And when new kids come---because I know they will---I will find some friends that have the same beliefs as me. Why? Because lately it seems that I've been practically preaching at my friends... like because they don't believe what I believe I've been trying to form them into what I want them to be. And that's not who they want to be. A lot of us are Christians, but a lot of them stand for not-so-conservative stuff... same-sex marriage, homosexuality in general, the idea that there's "seven layers of heaven" and no hell, Jesus not being God's only son... yeah. Lately it seems that I can't get along with my school friends on anything spiritual and it's sad, because I should be able to look to them for encouragement. But if we don't believe similar things, it'll just end in another argument. I do have one school friend that I agree with, though, aside from baby baptism, which I don't really have a side on.

I guess that's where my church family comes in. I love them to death. Literally. I would do ANYTHING for my church family. ANYTHING. Some of my absolute best friends I met at church and I'll be going to the same college as some of them in... oh my gosh, four years. I feel like I could tell them anything. And every time I do a performance for Fine Arts, I always feel amazingly supported (not always extremely confident, though), so I try to return the favor. My church is awesome. And we all believe similar things, LoL.

Along with freshman year comes... dun dun dun... the worship team. You thought I was done talking about that, didn't you? Well honey, I'm not. I'm joining for real this time, in July. So excited. I finally get to give MY feedback, people get to hear MY voice, it'll prepare me for NFAF, and more importantly it's MINISTRY, MUSIC, PRAYER, POETRY and PASSION. Any better combination? Didn't think so.

Your school year is only as good as the summer that comes after it. To fulfill my dream since fourth grade, I'm working extra hard on my vocal solo---because I never knew I could sing until sixth grade and it was just a dream to make Nationals---so that I can make it into the Top Ten. It's gonna be hard--- this is my first year alone at Nationals, this is my second year period, and there are hundreds of singers at Nationals. Hundreds. But I'm gonna try to hit those high notes and be one of the best. Top Ten out of hundreds? And that's the Top Twenty out of like, five hundred girls? Top Fifty out of EVERY SINGER THERE? Impressive.
^^^I'm SICK of this song.^^^

And I get a netbook! However, yesterday ruined my desire for that. I used Faith's netbook to record a song for a History project and... I hate talking about it... I was using Audacity and BAM! deletes an hour of recording, guitar, piano, harpsichord and all. I was excited to get a netbook BECAUSE of Audacity, but now I don't want a netbook at all...

And I get to be in the high school hallway. Maybe.

And I can boss around sixth graders... okay, maybe not.

And I can dye my hair red.

And my boyfriend and I were just talking... JUST KIDDING, no boyfriend here. Yet.

And the bets part---

I get to take ART CLASS! YAY!!!!

Who doesn't love Art? Then again, who doesn't love leaving middle school?

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