Thursday, July 24, 2014

Bedroom Makeover: The Victoria's Secret Trash Can

Let's be honest: trash cans are eye sores. No one wants to touch them, they don't go well with anything, some of them are translucent-- just no.

I hated my trash can. My room is pink, and this puke green trash can was just not working with my theme. I know that it's just a small little can that needs to be in there, but must it be so ugly?

When my older sister moved out about a month ago (which meant I got to have my own room), I was determined to turn my room into a place I enjoyed being in. That's why I have roses around my closet, and other stuff you'll see later. I decided I wanted a room that was mostly pink, though I chose to keep the walls white.

When I say I wanted the room pink, I mean it. Which meant the green can needed to go.

However, I do not have a job yet, and no way was I going to beg my parents for a stinkin' trash can when I could be asking for more important things... like a bank account or money for driver's ed.

So, once again, I found a problem in my room, and I needed to solve it.

This also applies to you college kids! Most dormitories don't supply trash cans, so why not make a cute one out of something you already have?

A lot of girls shop at Victoria's Secret. I don't, because... let's be real. It's lingerie. I'm doing just fine with my yoga panties I got for five dollars at Gabriel Brothers. However, my sister saved some of her bags, so that left some DIY material for me.

It's simple, really. Just take your trash can and stick it inside a gift bag (or, in my case, a Victoria's Secret bag). You can also do a little extra, like I did-- put in some tissue paper for decoration. I also have another Victoria's Secret trash can by my bed for convenience, but I didn't take a picture because my room is a wreck right now.

So yeah. That's what I had to talk about. Thanks for reading.

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