Thursday, July 17, 2014

5 MORE Japanese Songs That Should Be Available in the West

This is my third post on this topic. Check out the others here and here.

21. "Dried Up Youthful Fame" by OLDCODEX for Free! Eternal Summer.
I can't begin to describe my love for this song or how great of a job Kyoto Animation has been doing with this anime. So I just won't.

22. "Future Fish" by Style Five for Free! Eternal Summer.
Again, dang, Kyoto. That animation. My favorite parts of the ED (in the second video)? Hmm. 1:44. Why? No explanation required. And the little bit that starts around 1:54. Again, no explanation needed here. And they're all so adorable at 2:44! And then there's Rin's booty dance shortly after. "Never give up!"

23. "Life is Like a Boat" by Rie Fu for Bleach.
"Every time I see your face, the oceans heave up to my heart, and make me wanna strain at the oars, and soon I can see the shore."

24. "My Pace" by Sunset Swish for Bleach.
This song is just... so chill. Honestly, I don't really know what he's saying, but still. Bad day, good day. This song is appropriate for any day.

25. "Hanabi" by Ikimono Gakari, also featured in Bleach.
Okay, you may be able to tell that this is one of my favorite songs in the world right now. No matter what key or what singer, this song is purely wonderful. I don't why, but it makes me so emotional. Maybe because it's a really pretty song? Almost everyone who sings it nails it (except for that high note at 0:10). This song is on iTunes, but it is a cover ("Asterisk" is also on iTunes through the same people), and doesn't sound nearly as good. But I bought it anyway. The singer on iTunes doesn't breathe well, and so instead of singing like, "Kirameite, yurameite, aoki yume mai hanatsu, hana moe yuku..." it sounds more like: "Kirameite *breath* yurameite *breath* aoki yume *breath* mai hanatsu *breath* hana *breath* moe *breath* yu *breath* ku..." But when you're desperate like I was, you buy it anyway. And then you get annoyed with it later. But can we admire the ED (the second to last video)? The art is so beautiful for Rangiku (seen at 0:11), Yoruichi (0:16), Orihime (0:22), and Ichigo (0:27). "Kono hana moe yuku!"

26. "Body Rock" by Mamoru Miyano
This song may be a little "scandalous", but... I had to. And it doesn't make it any better that Mamoru is Rin's voice actor from Free!.

Well, that is all. For now. I shall return. Soon.

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