Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Bedroom Makeover: Organize Your Closet

This image brings to mind many things.

Frustrating mornings deciding what to wear might come to mind. Or maybe knowing exactly what you want to wear, only-- where the heck is that skirt, anyway?

As the school year starts getting closer, I begin to think about how much time I won't have. I can't sleep in until 3 p.m. anymore. I can't stay up until 3 a.m. anymore. And I'm not a morning person-- I wake up five minutes before I'm supposed to leave. I'm going to have to get better on that before I get my license. The point? I don't have time to spend ten minutes searching for the perfect outfit. I need a system.

And so I created one. I heard about people organizing their closets, and so I decided I needed to organize mine. The other ways seemed so complicated and hard to stick with, though-- whites with whites, Louis Vuitton shoes with Louis Vuitton shoes, lace with lace. I can't stick with something that specific to save my life! And I don't own any Louis Vuitton shoes-- just a poster and a scarf.

I came up with what I hope is a very simple organization system. No more long mornings searching for your favorite tank top!

Now, this can be reversed, but my style is more casual clothes on the right, and dressy clothes on the left. I have a strategy to this-- I'm left-handed, so this makes it that I'll be more likely to grab a pretty outfit. Then I realized that I use my right hand just as much and no matter where I put the stuff, I'm gonna want to wear a T-shirt. Oh, whatever.

1. Sporty tank tops

On the far right, I have my sporty tank tops that I'd be more likely to wear when riding my bike or in gym class (which, thank God, I passed with an A and will never have to take again).

2. Tank tops I might wear under something else

I know, I know. That blue tank top isn't very cute at all. But it comes handy, so don't you dare judge me. These are like magic. Purple bra shows through a white shirt? Just put on a cami.

3. Tanks that could be worn on their own

These are tanks I might wear on a weekend or to a party... birthday party.

4. T-shirts

Some days you just don't care. It's nice to be able to just reach into a certain part of the closet and be able to find something comfortable.

5. Shirts to wear when I want to be comfortable but still look decent

You know what I'm talking about. When you're not feeling like dressing up, but you want to have a look that still says, "I tried." The kind of shirts that have the best of both worlds. They could be worn with ballet flats or tennis shoes.

6. Plaid shirts

Plaid is another type of clothing I like. It could be worn with black leggings and tall, heeled boots, or worn-out jeans and sneakers. Requires hardly any effort on my part.

7. Slightly more upscale shirts

I've been meaning to get rid of this green one. I think I kept it for St. Patrick's Day? I don't know. But! Behind it, there are more fancy shirts-- a grey sweater, a Christmas-like red shirt, and a bohemian one (that I never wear).

8. Fancy shirts

These are shirts I might wear for an interview, head shot, or presentation. We're moving into fancy territory!

9. Sweaters... or jackets... whatever this classifies as...

I keep these all in one section. I might wear one to meet dress code at school when I'm wearing a strapless dress, for example.

10. Short skirts

I don't know where I got this hanger from, but I love it. Almost all of my short skirts on one hanger? Love, love, love!

11. Fancy... and bohemian skirts

Wrinkled? Yes. Been meaning to get rid of it? Thinking about it. The skirt might not look good on the hanger, but it's cute on a body. I got it while thrift shopping. Who cares if it's not from a brand name store? Thrift shopping is the best. Behind it are some maxi skirts.

12. Casual dresses

These are dresses I might wear to school or just to look cute, but not like I'm trying. Oh, and if you have a small bust (like a certain 34B I know... not me, definitely not me... nope), strapless dresses are like heaven. Well, when they don't slide off.

13. Funeral dresses

Not that I look forward to wearing one of these to a funeral any time soon; I just call them that because they could be worn for one. Honestly, I might wear the one in this picture to the first day of school. It is a sad event, isn't it?

14. Sunday and wedding dresses

These are dresses for not-as-casual occasions, but could still be worn for casual events, like spring weddings. Believe me, showing up over-dressed to a wedding when you aren't the bride is a little embarrassing. In my defense, black people don't do farm weddings-- we just don't. How was I supposed to know it was acceptable to wear a maxi skirt? I showed up in a dress that was more suitable for an evening wedding. I should have known.

15. Homecoming/dinner party dresses

Not a lot of people re-wear their homecoming dresses, but I do. Not to homecoming, of course, but for recitals, auditions, etc. I wouldn't recommend wearing your homecoming dress for an audition, but most of mine are really down-to-earth (my dress from my freshman year was too short to wear anywhere else, though), so it doesn't matter.

16. Bridesmaid dresses

Don't throw away your dress from your sister's wedding! I've never been a bridesmaid (which, by the way, I would be a very good bridesmaid and am accepting requests), but these are definitely bridesmaid-esque dresses. The purple one behind the grey one actually is a bridesmaid's dress. I almost wore it to a wedding in October (another farm wedding, but less casual than the previously mentioned one), and I'm glad I didn't; I would have matched the bridal party. Theirs were red, but it was the same design. The point here is to keep your bridesmaid dress, because... I don't know, they're cool. Unless you had to wear an ugly one. Then go on and give it away.

17. My graduation gown!!!!

I'll be graduating from the same high school as one of my sisters, and since we're close to the same size (width-wise), her graduation gown is mine now. It's on the very far left of my closet. It's nice to know that the next time I remove it from the hanger, I'll be graduating. Weird, huh? Less than two years and I get to wear it.

Well, that's how my closet's organized. Now, follow your heart and organize yours!

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