Sunday, March 30, 2014

21 Signs You Might Work in a Library

I have been volunteering in a library for the past year now, and man, I love it. There are several perks, quirks, and downsides, and if you work or volunteer in a library, you'll get it. And if you don't... then why not? Honestly, I recommend working in one if you're a bookworm.

How do you know you work in a library?
  1. You have carpal tunnel problems, and it's not from texting or playing video games. The amount of books you hold in a day is just too much for your wrists, and your fingers are starting to give out on you, too.
  2. Even your books at home have to be in a specific order. The bookshelf in your room is perfectly organized by genre and author, and you flip out when you find a book out of place.
  3. You're just slightly offended by librarian stereotypes, even though you know more than anyone else that they have a lot of truth to them.
  4. You plan when you will pick up or return your books based off when your next shift will be. Because really, who wants to make the extra trip up there?
  5. Every librarian knows you by name. In fact, even the security guard chats with you from time to time, even when you aren't there to work.
  6. You would go as far as getting married in a library. What's a better location for a literary wedding?
  7. You finish reading more books when distracted on the job than when you have free time. And your idea of being a rebel? In school, you were once caught reading when you were supposed to be doing your math.
  8. You're terrified of damaging any of your books, because you have seen the library aides check for damage.
  9. You try to keep your fines at a reasonable amount... but let's be honest. They've been above twenty dollars before, and you've even had your account suspended.
  10. You told your friends you were in trouble with the law when your account got suspended the first time. This is your idea of being a criminal.
  11. You constantly live in fear of your favorite books being weeded. If you don't work in a library, let me explain: when a book hasn't been checked out for a long time (as recent as a year), the book is given away or sold. 
  12. You wear glasses. And if you don't, you'll get what's coming to you.
  13. The librarians think you don't listen to their gossip. If only. If only.
  14. You've been asked who your favorite Disney princess is several times. Mine is Jasmine, in case you were wondering.
  15. You actually wouldn't mind having a desk job if it meant being in a library. The calm, the books... what's not to love?
  16. Checking to see if your books are overdue is like checking your grades. Terrifying much?
  17. You see people you know from school, church, etc. all the time. And it's kind of awkward when they notice you.
  18. You are very likely an introvert. You like working in solitude, occasionally talking to your fellow aide or librarian. You like the silence of the library, and you're a little bit of a bookworm.
  19. You've read the classics. From Jekyll & Hyde to Paul Laurence Dunbar poems, you've read it all. Well... at least you've tried to.
  20. You're ahead of society, when it comes to the latest YA novel. However, did you ever hear that new Katy Perry song? Probably not.
  21. You work for the library because the library has done a great service to you. You vote for those levies (when possible), you use all of the resources, and you bring your family and friends to get them to use it for what it's worth. Because the library has brought you joy, you work hard to bring that joy to others.

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