Monday, March 10, 2014

After A Long Winter...

How has this winter been? Let's just say Elsa really meant it when she let it go. BUT! Luckily, spring is coming! The spring solstice will be in eleven days.

Currently, I am taking exams to graduate high school. I just took my reading one today, and let's be honest. I don't think I scored too high. On my ACT Plan, I scored above average, but today I just wasn't feeling it. Tomorrow, I take the maths one. I don't really care how high I score... so long as I pass. I think I'm going to be pretty advanced in writing and history, but everything else... I'm gonna have to wing it.

I prepared my exam week outfits for the whole week yesterday. Because I (there's no other way to put it) suck at math (I'm okay at geometry, but algebra and trig...), I want to make sure I look pretty darn diggity smart. I like to go by the "My Strongest Suit" lyric:

"Conversation? Wit? I am a doubter. Manners? Charm? They're no way to impress. So, forget the inner me; observe the outer. I am what I wear and how I dress."

How I dress directly affects how I feel. If I feel ugly, I'm not going to be confident. If I'm dressed in a church dress, I'm going to feel youthful. If I'm wearing a sweater and jeans with a cute headband, I'll feel in control.

Tomorrow, I want to feel smart so I can be confident and pass. Which basically means I'm going to be dressed like a librarian tomorrow (and believe me, I know how they dress... I volunteer in a library, but I do more than just custodian tasks-- I'm basically an unpaid library aide). Which means it's time to bring out the short skirts again. And my legs... well.

I knew shaving them was going to be a chore (this is so awkward... this post is NOT going on Facebook!), because... I mean, you know why. I've always thought every razor was the same. That the commercials were just trying to take my money and all the moisturizing and close-shave talk wasn't actually going to mean anything. But that all changed yesterday, and I'm starting to sound like a commercial myself.

I found love in a hopeless place.

You think I'm being dramatic, huh? Well, let me tell you-- I've never used a razor quite like this one and I really think that everyone in the world needs to buy this. Normally, after a long winter, it takes a lot of catch-up time with my razor (the brand I used to use wasn't this good at all), meaning several shavings until it got close enough. But no. One swipe and all the hair was gone in that region. This razor turned a week-long shower series into a two-minute routine. So, basically, a close shave is actually possible.

And as for that moisturizing talk? THEY WERE SERIOUS! When I was taking my shower yesterday, I had already used body wash and all and started using this with it and... well, my shower turned into a bubble bath. So, wait until after the body wash has washed off before using this.

The only warning I have is that this razor is not good for new shavers. Press a little too hard and you're risking a really bad cut-- even worse than the usual. This is best for women who have been shaving for at least two years and are okay with a few bruises. I've been shaving for about seven years, and even then, it was still really dangerous. So be careful.

So, go out and buy this thing. I don't know how much it costs, but it's worth it. In fact, the shower is calling my name! 

Hopefully I won't be too tired on the math test tomorrow...

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