Thursday, December 20, 2012

Eh, It's Just Life.

Today I am blogging from the school cafeteria. I'm supposed to go to class in ten minutes, but I was bored (seriously? A day in high school when you can be bored? Amazing!) and felt like blogging.

I guess I csn blog about my surroundings right now.

Well, my friend Makayla was poking around my iPod and switching my songs and such. Some random kids started yelling. Children are starting to go to class. Children are stressed, etc.

So, this is the average morning for a high school student with a less than impressive GPA. Lower than 4.0, higher than 3.0 so far. Freshman year is just stupid.

I lost most of the hair on the left side of my head because I had to build a car using Autodesk Inventor and now that I'm done with the project, I'm pretty darn sure I failed.

Physics and Math are two of my lowest grades right now and Language Arts just won't become an A. Hopefully, it will after my exam.

So this is life. As much as I hate it sometimes, I'm glad I can still live it. If you don't live in the US, basically there was an elementary school shooting in Connecticut last week, killing 27 people. 20 of which were students. It's not my pain, and it's not something I lost sleep about. But it made me remember that my life can be lost at any moment, any minute, any hour.

So, all this to say, live like you're dying. Because in reality, we are.

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