Saturday, November 24, 2012

Disney Music: What's So Special?

I am a 90s kid and a Disney freak. And I'm not talking "Shake it Up" or "Hannah Montana." I'm talking "Mulan," "The Lion King," "That's So Raven."

But even more than the movies and shows, I'm in love with the music. You may be thinking, "of course you are! All you write about is music!" Well guys, I am trying to control my music obsession. But come on, I'm a fourteen-year-old girl (my birthday was on Thanksgiving this year). It's good enough that I even use proper grammar.

Disney music captivates me. Even more than Deas Vail does. Okay, maybe I went too far with that one. But my point is, Disney music truly catches my attention in every way--- the languages spoken, the symbolism, the exotic instruments, the scenes the songs were played in, the beauty. There's just something about Disney that really makes me feel more emotions than I thought I possibly could.

Here are some Disney songs that really attract me.

"National Treasure Suite" from National Treasure by Trevor Rabin. This song really captures the suspense, mystery, and history of the movie. I can literally see Nicholas Cage walking through Washington, D.C. with the Declaration of Independence in his hand, like a boss (sorry, I hate it when people say "like a boss" because it sounds so stupid, but it sounded appropriate to write it at the moment). Thanks for painting the picture, Trevor.

"He Lives in You" from The Lion King by Lebo M. This is another one that puts me inside of the Pride Lands. I can see that monkey thing waving his binky thing, I can see Mufasa smiling down on Simba, and then there's me sitting in a lonely corner with a box of tissues. I don't know why I find this song so sad. Maybe it's because Mufasa died and it's about him living on through Simba and watching over the Pride Land. It also reminds me of Christianity in itself. Mufasa , aside from the fact that he's the one that died, reminds me of God ("he watches over everything we see") and Simba is like Jesus ("In your reflection, he lives in you"). I really think this song has a deeper meaning than Disney makes it out to be.

"I'll Make a Man Out of You" from Mulan by Donny Osmond. This song is very inspiring. Strong harmonics and all. It teaches me to get up and try again. "You're unsuited for the rage of war, so pakc up, go home, you're through. How could I make a man out of you?" If you've seen this 1998 film, you know what Mulan does next. She proves him wrong. It shows you don't have to be a man to be a hero, be it a war hero or a firefighter.

"Circle of Life" from The Lion King by Carmen Twillie and Lebo M. This song is so pretty. Just pretty and cute. Especially when watching the movie along with it.... baby Simba is just irresistable!

I might do a 2.0 post of this... comment what your favorite Disney song is and why!

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