Tuesday, December 25, 2012


Merry Christmas from the Ezell house!

No white Christmas in Ohio, y'all. I stopped wishing for those a long time ago. But, it was still great so far. THIS GIRL got a new guitar!!!! It's an acoustic-electric!

Be jealous! Haha, don't be. But isn't it pretty, my blue baby? She's hard to play because my parents didn't get me a lefty guitar >:(. But whatevs. I'm gonna give this guitar a try.

So, there's not really a use of the whole "don't forget what this holiday is about" talk because I think most of us have heard enough of that. Still, though. Linus has something to say to you.

Last year, I gave you guys a sad song, Christmas Lights. What should the sad song be this year? Should it be sad at all? Hmm...

I'm sorry. I had to do it. I grew up with this song. Now, two songs that aren't as gloomy...

"Do You Hear What I Hear?" by Abandon Kansas
"O Come O Come Emmanuel" by Deas Vail

Well, merry Christmas, everyone and weaves off to you!

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