Friday, October 23, 2009

WEEKLY QUESTION, finish the story, and best hair list

Think back to when you were in third or fourth grade. (for third and fourth graders, think back to kindergarten!) What was your favorite toy? What did you want so badly, but never got it? Who was your best friend, and why? (Best friend other than God)

Best Hair List!
Okay, if you've noticed I never do this list for girls, it's because [some] girls get mad very easily and can be dramatic if they don't have a good position on the list. But today, i'm doing something else... although I did put a few girls on the list...

1. Leah Brembeck
2. Maria Chaney
3. Jenilee Goodwin (and yes ms. Jenilee, you do have good hair!)
4. Drew Poole
5. Pastor Jeremy Goodwin (Pastor Jay)
6. Gabrielle Bowman (i miss u!) UNKNOWN URL: LOOK AT BLOG LIST

Finish the story!
Taylor had left home at 7:00 on Wednesday, August 19th to go to her first day of school at Studebaker. She was thirteen and was---in her view---a millitary brat, which meant she was a millitary child. She had just moved from Italy to Ohio, and did not like it. She was homeschooled in Italy for one, and for two she could barely speak any English. Sure, her parents could since they were born in the U.S., but Taylor couldn't. Whenever she spoke that day, the kids would laugh. She couldn't use very good grammar and had an accent. The shy, short seventh grader hated her new house so much---even though it was a three story mansion---she grabbed a lamp and threw it at the wall. CRACK... and the wall began to open. Inside was a dark staircase with torches perfectly aligned on the walls. But Taylor wasn't scared. She slowly walked down until a light appeared. Suddenly she stopped breathing.

Finish this story! What do you think would be most exciting???

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