Saturday, October 3, 2009

Level 5, Still Waters

OMG I haven't talked to u guys in ever. I have so much to say and I can't wait to tell u, so why am I waiting??? Okay, let's start with the bad news.


I promised i'd keep u posted, and i'm sorry I didn't. But drumroll please.... BUM BUM BUM BUM.... I DIDN'T PASS! :( I decided that I shouldn't move up, because I went to level 4 too early to try out for level 5. The test was in August, and i'm sorry i'm late. Can't wait for next year!

Still Waters

I have a final name for my LATEST book, Still Waters. It's about a young boy in high school, who will be graduating soon. He is a football player at Glenville High School. (Glenville is a real Ohio school) It is prom season, and take note it's his LAST CHANCE to go to prom. He REALLY wants to go, and he doesn't want to go alone, but four girls reject him in the process of asking, until the football game.

Bess Johnson is a girl he's liked since third grade. She is a cheerleader at their school and is very beautiful. She is everything Jason Wright has ever dreamed of, but he never has believed that he could go to prom with her, or really anyone.

Jason has Torrettes Syndrome, and maybe you know what it is. He can't really control his words and movements sometimes. Jason has always let Torrettes get in the way of his social life, and he soon realizes that sometimes, confidence is all he needs and he can always control his thoughts of himself--- and others.

Eager to read this never-before-read book? Stay on my blog!
QUICKWORD: adventures with ME is discontinued.
WEEKLY QUESTION: If someone walked up to you and said they hated themselves and wanted to commit suicide, what would you say? Would you lead them to Christ?

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