Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Injuries: Stuck with you for life?

Injuries may seem like a one-time thing, but can the pain last forever? Hope Ezell reports.

I remember breaking my toe when I was eight years old, and it was. It didn't hurt, nothing. As soon as it healed, it was just a thing of the past. I started tumbling lessons later in the year at Premier Athletics in Beavercreek, when I found out I had pain in my right knee. It had never been injured, and it only hurt if I did something acrobatic. But on Christmas Eve that year, while practicing, I had hit my knee on the wooden part of the couch--- really hard. I had sprained it and couldn't tumble for a long time. Soon enough, I was training again, but the pain started to come back in June of 2009.

Later in the summer, I had sprained my ankle doing forward somersaults. "Somersaults are scary because while in the air, so many things go through your mind," Says Anonymous. "your heart skips a beat and you wonder if this flip will be successful. They certainly are not safe without an adult around, on the trampoline or not." You can't see anything in a flip--- you're just blind. You can't remember what you saw, so I couldn't see I was about to land ankle-first. BAM! My ankle was sprained.

I have injured so many things since starting gymnastics, and it's only been a year. And yes, injuries are stuck in your imune system for years to come, unless you take action and drink milk, take vitamin supplements, and play outside. YOU are in charge of your body, not a broken bone!

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