Saturday, June 27, 2009

Adventures with M.E.

Yeah! This post is all about ME! The Acronym of:



The camp I attended all week! I stayed in a college dorm and literally LIVED with my best friends and new friends for a whole week. It was at Malone University and it was fun!

M.E. is a missions trip based on showing God in work, activities, and an outreach.

Work: weeding. Boy did I not like that, but I can't complain, it's God's work.

Activities: Human Video. There were many things to do. Clowning, Dance Team, Human Video 1, Human Video 2, And Gospel Illusions. I did Human Video 1 to the song "By Your Side" by tenth avenue north. Human video 2 did "all that matters" by addison road.

Outreach: On Thursday, we performed all our stuff and worked at stations. I crossed my fingers to be assigned with manicures... and guess what I did! I got many compliments on my nail-doing... except from Elijah, but idc.

Stick with Adventures with M.E. for more!

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