Monday, June 8, 2009

Your Blog, for real!

Your Blog is a new segment about a blog YOU can create. Want a blog? Want a blog in addition to what you have? Whether you already have a blog or not, here is how you can participate in the fun segment.

You give your blog a name, and tell me your first name. No last names, first names only. Then, i'll give you your very own personalized post with the name of your blog written as a title, and a paragraph about it. Then, through the comments, under that post, you can write EVERY post you want, but it must be modest, because if one thing is mentioned that I wrote in the comments you CAN'T mention, I CAN delete that post, so be careful and protect yourself!

Here's a sample of what it may look like on the main post: (the post written by me)

The Life Of A Couch Potato

My friend Hannah wanted to make a blog one day, and it is about her life and everything that has happened recently. Now Hannah will start writing on her brand new blog, The Life Of A Couch Potato!

On any post, you can request to make a blog NOW and get started blogging WITHOUT any nessasary accounts, or start blogging anytime, and have the same amount of fun!

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