Sunday, June 14, 2009

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Alex's Lemonade Stand
Well, if you know anything about Alex's Lemonade Stand, you would know it started when a girl named Alex had been diagnosed with cancer. She was four years old and let's just say she got a lot of money. The money was used so that they could donate to cancer centers. Alex died at 8 years old and they are still doing the stand in her honor today.

I passed the lemonade stand
I was in a rush to go to my gymnastics class at the YMCA because I was running late and I didn't want to miss streching. (after all, one and a half hours with NO streching?OUCH!) In the lobby, just after I checked in, I passed Alex's Lemonade Stand. Well I really was thirsty, but being late was all that was in my mind, and I didn't have my purse with me. I figured i'd borrow my sister's money afterwards.

THE STAND WAS GONE! I was sooooo mad. Oh well though. At least LOT'S of people donated.

Go Donate!
Just because I didn't donate, doesn't mean you can't! Go to a place---any place---and give that dollar, or even fifty cents, because it matters. What are you sitting at the computer for? (or phone, or iPod, or any other carrier) Go and drink lemonade, after this post.

Honor Star/friend crowning!
Today was my crowning, and I got a lot of presents. It was soooooo cool! Well bye! Remeember your assignment!

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