Friday, January 4, 2013

Round in Circles

Well, it's a new year, a new start. The year the Hope is gonna get things done. Supposedly.

I was just making mixtapes (or mix-CDs... nah, mixtape sounds better) for a few friends of mine and a song I put on a few of the albums was the song "Circles" by Anthem Lights. I found some of the lyrics to relate to the new year very well.

"I'm gonna get it right this time, gonna fight this time."
"I always start so strong... Before you even know it, I'm right back at the start. Doing what I hate and breaking my own heart. I go back and forth and then forth and then back and then round in circles."
"The second that I hear Your Word I forget what I heard and go on just the same."
"I know I need a change."

This song, as the band said when I saw them live at OYM Convention 2012, is about sin. How it is a continuous circle (It's the circle of sin!) and how we try to change and then we end up doing the same things over and over again. There are two times of the year that I find this song to be extremely relevant. It's relevant at all times, but I'm talking extremes.

The first time is the new year. People are saying "This is the year I'm gonna get crap done!" (Sound familiar, anyone?) and "I'm gonna try to read my Bible more often and actually understand it" and "I'm gonna get back into gymnastics, lose weight, and eat better." And then February comes. Then March. They try to work on their resolution. Then May. And before you know it, it's December again and things are still the same. So you make another resolution and here comes the circle of unresolved resolutions.

The second time is... are you ready... CHURCH CAMP! You know, you go to camp, get your brand new boyfriend on Tuesday, hold hands with him at the campfire, tell him he's getting in the way of your Jesus time (or whatever it's called... worship?), break up happens on Thursday, you cry during service on Friday, tell yourself you're finally gonna live your life for God. I personally have never been to church camp (I've been on a missions' trip that ran like a camp) and I don't really want to go, anyway. For reasons that out of respect for the people at my church and in Ohio, I will not mention. Let's just say you would have to pay for it (I'm not broke, but the point is it would take a lot to get me to go), and I would have to have lost a bet to even think about it.

So, for those of you who do waste your money go to church camp, do you ever get home, start reading your  Bible like crazy, and then a week later you're back to your sinful routine?

Well, let's try to make 2013 different. And not just 2013, make it forever. Don't make a new year's resolution, make a new life resolution. But for it to work, you'll need much more than a resolution. Can you figure out what it is? It's different for everyone...

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