Saturday, February 18, 2012

White Lillies

Look at that white lilly dress
Swiftly moving down the aisle.
Look at the color I may never wear on a day like this.
Sure, maybe I will
But I'm not seeing that.
All I can see right now is you, mister
And you're with her.
I say I don't care and I can act it, too
You know--- walk the talk
I can walk the talk but I can't believe it
And if I can't believe it I can't live it either.
The use of saying this is nothing because you already know
It'd be less obvious on a billboard
But it doesn't matter now
Because when you could have been mine
I avoided you in silence
When I should have, could have, spoken.
But too many voices were speaking,
Mine would never be heard.
So here you know without my thoughts be heard
Tiny quirks,
I'm sorry I never make anything work
I'm sorry I'm not like her
But no need to be.
Different people, different directions, I know
So I'll just live on my own for now
And meet you far down down the road
When today was so long ago...

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